If you're seeing the page as wierd it's cause of i'm trying to figure out some new design options :)
Alright, I think almost every guitar track i covered up from back recordings now. Some tweakings in time etc. Then off to some bass recording, whenever i get a hold on a bass guitar IE
Been on a FULL day job today with my friends Daniel and Thomas at a church and stuff

Today i've been comping / dubbing some guitar tracks that were wrong. The yellow and orange colored is the ones to be re-taken. Were the green stuff means that i'm done with it. The Blue line means i don't remember if i've done them. And the red circle means that those are left. The mimic thing is kinda difficult. Specially the frequency response. Guess i've to use some Analyzer  and a bit of equing.. cheerio
I'm into composing, writing, recording, editing, comping, everything you know of, on the working title song "A number by the day". And i'm also into to composing and preproducting a new kinda i don't know another funkrock (maybe) aucoustic/clean guitar song.
In the picture you can see some of the tracks on the song A Number by the Day (woking title).  Were the orange and yellowish kinda looking parts are to be 
re-recorded. And also i'm going to lend me one bass and do the bass tracks. For the moment i've got some VSTinstruments as supporting the guitar tracks. But it doesn't sound real... Sounds stiff kinda... But it's a good sound it got which i'll try to mimic. Cheerio everybody!



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