JaSiSound BC108 Fuzz

The JaSiSound 108 Fuzz is based on MoodySounds Fuzz. Radical changes to the input capacitor into treble or "bass" fuzz make it a very wide range in tone. Treble capacitor (10nF) for a little vintage sound. And Bass Capacitor (100nF) for more Bass Fuzz tone. No idea how to explain how it sounds. Pretty sweet bass fuzz (not for bass. maybe). A Pot on 10K och the second transistor making the sound either very tight and compressed with nasty fuzz, or VERY loose fuzz with some more edge. Or if you take it all the way down you can get some cool synth/sitar sound (you MUST lover the output level, the thing goes crazy otherwise). With these two large option it's a bit of hard but not hard to find some good settings. The "prototype" i made is a design "failure" because of errors in decalpapers etc. 

JaSiSound "OVERRiDE"

The OVERRiDE pedal is now finished and soon to be sound and/or video examples of it. It's basic design is a boost converted to a distortion/overdrive pedal. It's VERY loud but is a tonemaster in sound. To a tiny little warm blues/jazz clean overdrive tone, to a warm roaring overdrive tone. Linkes with a Wah, Tremolo or any other modulation device, it becomes one of the best tonemakers you can get. 
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