Ok, after i imported the .wav files, i began editing. Clip & Cut, Dynamic processing, effect processing, levels etc. Let us look after the cutting, and then some electric bass channels. Let's show you instead of speaking off it. That's easier. I'll explain the compressor and gate thing there on the bass channels.
Let's do some explaining here then.. First picture no need for explaining. Second picture (bottom left), on this picture we can see the plug-in (Software "hardware" instead of real hardware), this plug-in is named Voxformer and it's free, and I LOVE IT!, It got compressor, multi band gate, Equalizer, prescence "knob" and a tube emulator. The compressor is made to even out sound levels. If a sound source is "hard" (strong) in the begining and weak in the end of the note. Here's what you can do with it. The compressor brings down the strong signal in the beginging, and in the end the compressor can bring the weak signal stronger. So the note become even in sound level. Depending on these settings you can either make the sound prolong even for a long time or for a short time. You can see my settings for it on the bottom left pic. Third Pic (Top Right). This is the GATE of the Voxformer plug-in. These gates is what they sound like. They either let through sound or "closes" the sound. Excelent for weak sounds you don't want in the sound picture. This one actually got frequency controlled gate. So if you want for example shut down a bit of high frequency. You can turn in the knobs (here there is on "band 4" and "band 3") you can see on one of the knobs named "Freq". On band 3 and 4 i've set that the signals from frequency 1.5 kHz (band 3 1.5-5.3kHz) - 20kHz (band 4 5.3-20kHz) should be "shut down" from as low as 80 dB. almost none of those frequencies are "attacking". The 1 and 2 band are a bit friendlier. Look at the settings. Now for the Bottom right pic. This is a stereo wider. I actually for 2 bass channels panned hard right and hard left, this is to make 2 mono tracks into 1 stereo. But it doesn't sound like stereo. So i put in a Stereo Wider. At 200 % i found it that it sounded the best without exaggerating the sound too much. I've got another plug-in also. A Tube Limiter. This is to bring some warmth to the tone, a limiter is what it's says. It "Limitize" the sound so that it doesn't get "over" the named limiting sound level. It's kinda a gate. But this one shuts down ALL sound from that level that it's say. This is good if the signal is clipping.

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