Ok some updates about the Calm Thunder instrumental.
After some proffesional opinions, here's what i've done.
The LeadGuitar was panned more to the center, according to one of the pros there was missing something in the center. I panned the leadguitar more to the middle (now around 30 % panned from the before 45). I've lowered the shrieky sound at around 7-12 kHz. Instead i lowered the Q so that the areas around 3-6kHz was a bit higher and the 4 khZ was the top. The low pass filter i had on every guitar i took "off". Cause i made it lower the 200-500 hz area also i brung that up so that area didn't get weaker. Let me show you. These pics are from the guitars i was talking about here... the top pics are the Rhytm guitar and the two at the bottom are the Lead. These runs through the whole song (almost).
PS: I've done more... I'll talk about that some time later.

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