Picture 1 : DIY Gobo
Picture 2 : 2 Proel Mic stands, 1 JTS mic stand, Randall RX120RH with Randall 4x12, A bunch of cables (proel, hosa, TSM, and some others)
Picture 3 : Audio-Technica AT825 XY Stereo mic, Shure SM57, Audio-Technica AT801, Studio Projects B1, JTS TK-600, MXL 2001
Picture 4 : AKG K271Mk2, Sennheiser HD205
Picture 5 : Digitech RP500
Picture 6 : DIY Moody Sound Boost Pedal (modified to "overdrive"), DIY Moody Sounds Fuzz Pedal (heavy modified)
Picture 7 : Lexicon Alpha Soundcard, Alto Mictube preamp, BK Butler Toneworks Real Tube RT922 (an old brand of Genz Benz), Alto compressor/gate, enhancer

Cubase LE4 and Ardour

A list of my plug-ins will be up whenever i can see through them all. So many. The most of them are free, and some plug-ins are those kind where it's one time free and/or if you'd get a account etc.