I'm Jonas "JASI" Jansson (Jonas Andreas Samuel). I've been playing guitar for some years. 
And i fell into building my own effects for my playing. After my "OVERRiDE" project, I felt that this went so nice that i might be able to build custom pedals for people for a "normal price" pedal. Only thing is that you can chose what features it can have and what custom sound it might have. Alot of bass or alot och treble is up to your choice. The pedals i've made is Kit from
MoodySounds that i've customized to my own specifications. The other project JAS BC108C FUZZ has a toggle switch for Bass and Treble tone (that also might work for a Bass Guitar), a pot that can turn the tone from a tight midrange tone into a very loose tone that sounds a bit like a guitar synth. 

Now i'm up for my next project. Designing a overdrive/distortion that can a a smooth tube sound and a nasty transistor sound.    

Thinking of buying some DAW controller like the Behringer BCF. Anyone have second thoughts about them or have similar items?



Sounds Of A Broken Mind EP Album
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