There is some bug in Weebly when i press upload pic on Photogallery it doesn't show all the picture that actualy exist..
The bass and (1) guitar Tracks
Drum tracks first
I've finally started recording the new second tune in the projectwork. The Drum and bass tracks  are already done.
But i only have 2 more days on all the GUitar tracks... Thankfully my mom AND dad will not be home for 2 nights, which actually is the very FINAL 2 days before the presentation. Tuesday to Wednesday night and Wednesday to Thursday night it means. I'll be up then xD. Well lets tell you what i've been doing so far then. The drum tracks is like the last tune a programmed drum track. but now it's the DAW MIDI and the Helion(?) player in Cubase i use. Oh and i actually use 2 different drum tracks. The one playing Halion (thats the name!) is on 4 DIFFERENT tracks. Snare, Bassdrum, Toms and Cymbals (hi-hat mostly). And most of these i've picked out the different sound from different setups in halion. For example the bassdrum i think is from the Country Kit, the hihat/cymbal i think is from the jazz kit. PS this will be a VERY long Blog since it were a very long time since i posted something. Ok. the other complete drum track is ALL in ONE track on this. No special setup. But here i use a drum sampler named : Drum Core (3), this one is free, just like Halion to. Well some EQ stuff on all the HALION tracks. I won't explain the Eqing for now, that's to long. But i'll say that i got the drums so much SubBass, rather in the thuck sound. The Electric Bass is going to take care of the SubBass character on this song.Lets talk about how i recorded the Bass then. I had a "idea" that i shouldn't have recordings to long. Just take one "chapter" of the song at the time. So i can 1. nail the line perfectly. 2. It wouldn't save any time, so this will.On the first bass track (Line bass) I just plugged in the bass into my mixer and EQ on the 80 hz area, then to the mixers 9 band EQ dragging downs the area around 1kHz-16kHz, the higher the lesser, i pumped up the area around 60-250 hz there. The second bass track (Rör(Valve/Tube)Bass) i did the same but now i had my Alto Mictube preamp to get some more warmth out of my bass. This was a success. It did something nice to it. It became lots more harmonic and musical bigger. After my recordings i still had a idea to get it bigger. So i decided to use a Reverb on the bass tracks. I used the Classic Reverb from Kjearhouse. That is a really nice FREE reverb. The settings on it became like hmm.. 200 cubicmeter room, "mix" around
25-35 % , Dampening 70 %,  Hi-Dampening 70 %, Lo-Cut at around 350hz (to get rid off the bass reflections), Early reflections -1 db something, Output -1 dB. I liked this setting on the bass. Oh, and how i routed this was. I took the 2 bass tracks and send both off their outputs into a group track and there i put this effect. And i also put up a compressor to bring down the volume on some "power" lines, and to bring up the volume on the higher notes. Even it out a bit. I used some EQing on this Group track to have the Reverb effect a bit controlled. "After" that i did almost the same with the drums, i took ALL the drum tracks: Snare, BassDrum, hihat/cymbals, Toms, DrumCore3 and i send all off these to a Group track (Drums). Oh yeah, i brung down the volume on the DrumCore3 track since this only was a bit off musical enhancement in tone. To get it bigger and stuff. Alright, on the drum Group track i also chosed to use Kjearhouse Classic Reverb, the settings on this channel is : 20 cubicmeter, Dampening 40 %, Hi-Dampening 10, Low Cut 150 hz, Early Reflection -3.5 dB, Mix 30-40%.. Oh and on the BassDrum i also used a BandPass and chose the frequencies 80-3500 hz, and i chosed it to resonance 70 %. It means that other frequencies below and above will be dampended. PS!! Not that resonance thing. And i also had a "compressor" named Simple Squeese at around halfway up.
Well this was all for this time. Watch the pictures!! Wait this aint just it. I Also began record the intro and main guitar (0-1.50 secs into the song), i have built myself a SoundAbsorber with glassfiberwool, the glassfiberwool is like 13-14 cm thick and then there's a airpocket at around 4-5 cm thick. And then i chose to cover the rest of the area around the amp with blankets and the floor with some cotton xD. Watch the pics again. I chose to use my SM57 and my B1, My B1 between the cone and the coil at like 8 cm away. And my sm57 like lying against the Cone pointing to halfway between the cone and the coil. WATCH the pictures to understand better pls. :)
After some test recordings i decided to use my Alto Mictube again, here also to get some more warmth from my amp. It was pretty thing before. I found it successful yet another time. It took some time to get the right sound and not to get hiss and stuff. I routed it into my mixer which i then had a low cut on both mics at 80 hz, And then i EQd down the 80 hz area to really get rid off that area. And i chose to rise the 2.5 kHZ and 12 kHz area at around +2 dB, this sounded nice warm and clear
On this first part i also wanted some bigger sound (since i had dampened the sound pretty much with my ownbuild soundabsorber and the blankets. IT WORKED PERFECTLY REALLY! As before i chose to use the Kjrearhouse Classic Reverb. I won't drag the settings on this one now :P IT HAVE BECAME SO DAMN LONG TEXT NOW!! well Watch the pics dudes and dudettes :) Watch the pics...
Here's a reminder, watch the pics :) lots more fun to watch :)

I've found out a nice DAW program
Just some editing pics, and the song of course.
I'm still in the composing with my second song for the SchoolProject, i can say one thing at least.
It's some kind of R
Well now i'm finished with my first song on the ProjectWork.
Now i'm up for the second. I'm currently not even finished with the composing of it so.. I've to hurry up a bit.
Hey dudes and gals!!
I've uploaded one of the songs on my schoolproject now..
Listen and ENJOY!
I made a silent VID tune walkthrough.. Youtube ofc... Check if you want.. it's 10 min


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